Information For The Families of Our Current Residents

Property Procedure

Permitted Clothing

Family members of residents have 2 ways of providing clothing to residents.

1. West Central CBCF Package Program

Family can visit

Create your new account

and order pre-approved

clothing and have it sent

directly to the resident


2. Keefe Commissary

Keefe now offers residents

the ability to order pre-approved

clothing right from the kiosk

Each resident is provided their necessary clothing during the Orientation (Phase I).

****All Clothing items must be ordered through the West Central CBCF Package Program or Keefe commissary.

Package Program Brochure

Female Residents Only

Due to the unavailability of female jeans at this time through the package program, female residents will be allowed to wear jeans from any location and have them sent to the facility.

*Packages will not be accepted coming from a residence.

Jeans must adhere to the fiollowing requirements:

Approved Blue Jeans List

1. Approved Jeans will no longer require a specific brand, only the qualifications below:

  • Jeans will have either 2 front pockets & 2 back pockets, or 2 front pockets & 2 back pockets & a watch-pocket. No over-sized back pockets or carpenter loops.
  • Color of Jeans will be any shade of blue (evenly colored, not faded or toned). Any color outside of the listed will be denied and will be placed in the resident’s personals and/or sent back with their family/friends.
  • Jeans must have a zip-up fly
  • Jeans with elastic waist bands are permitted, but they must have belt loops.
  • Jeans will not have any visible decorations/embroidery, logos larger than 2” in diameter or any variation of colors. Jeans may have a traditional jeans-patch along the backside belt line.
  • Jeans will not have button-back pockets.
  • Jeans must fit properly. They will not be “skin-tight” nor allowed to hang too loose aka “gangster-sagging”
  • All Jeans will be clearly labeled as Straight Leg, Regular Fit, Original Fit, Boot Cut or Relax Fit. We will not accept any other wide cut style of jean. Jeans will not be Low Rise, but may be Mid Rise. Any jean cut outside of those listed will be denied and will be placed in the resident’s personals and/or sent back with their family/friends.
  • Jeans will be presentable. No prominent stains, no holes, no severe distressing.

Any jeans outside of those listed requirements will be denied and will be put in the resident’s personals and/or sent back with their family/friends.

Additional Items:

One pair of eye glasses or contacts (6 month supply)

One ring – wedding band(only if legally married)

Three books (1-Bible, the other must be approved by the Education Department, resident personal books must be ordered off of Amazon and mailed directly to the resident)

Five photos (must be mailed , approved by staff, and not to exceed 5" x 7")

One watch

One medical alert bracelet (if applicable)

Necessary and approved medical equipment/supplies/medication(s)

Birth Certificate

Social Security card

Driver's License, if available

State Identification card, if available

Only the specific items as listed on the Amazon website provided above will be accepted.

Property may be mailed to the facility at the following address:

West Central Community Correctional Facility
(Resident’s Name)
18200 St. Rte. 4N
Marysville, Ohio 43040


Visitation is a privilege earned after the resident has completed Phase I, usually after about 14-18 days of residency. A resident’s visitation privileges may be suspended by staff and/or the Probation Officer due to behavior or treatment issues. Friends and family members 18 years and older wishing to conduct a video visit with you will need to go to the following website to create an account and register for visitation:


  • Residents must submit a visitor request form identifying those they are requesting to visit. Relationship, address, and telephone number should be provided. West Central staff and Probation must approve all requests prior to any visitor being approved. This process can take 10-14 days. Residents are not permitted to communicate (visits, phone calls, written communication) with individuals who were residents at West Central in past 6 months unless special permission has been granted. 
  • Residents are permitted to have no more than 3 visitors at one time (unless they have an approved special accommodation permitting additional visitors). 
  • Phase II residents are permitted to (1) on-site video visitation per week, (1) off-site video visitation per week  
  • Phase III residents are permitted to have (2) on-site video visitations per week, (2) off-site video visitations per week 
  • Visitation week is Monday – Sunday. 

Resident Video Visitation Information

Resident Video Visitation Flyer


Rules For Visitors

Visitation Rules

  • All Visitors must be on the approved visitation list and be scheduled to participate in the video visit. If a person is not approved or is not scheduled for the visit, he or she may not participate in the visit with you.

  • All personal visits are subject to monitoring and recording.

  • All visits must be scheduled at least 12 hours prior and can be up to 2 weeks in advance.

  • Any cancellation of visits needs to be done by the person who is scheduled to visit with the residents.

  • All visits are 30 minutes long.

  • Visits cost $7.50, which is paid for by the visitor at the time the visit is scheduled.

  • The number of visits a resident is allowed is dependent upon the Phase the resident is assigned.

  • Visits can include up to 3 visitors total (2 additional adults or 2 children or a combination thereof).

  • Video visitation is for face-to-face visitation with approved visitors only. It is not permitted to participate in three-way phone calls, other video communication systems, social media during the visit, looking up items online, displaying photographs, etc. The video visit is for the purpose of communication with your approved visitor.

  • Residents must be on time for their visits.

  • It is the resident’s responsibility to check the Visitation Kiosk daily to see if a visit is scheduled.

  • You or your visitor will not be able to log into your visit if you are more than 10 minutes late; the visit will have to be rescheduled.

  • To connect to a visit, press Video on the Visitation Kiosk and log in using the same PIN used to place telephone calls.

  • To view a list of your scheduled visits, press Portal on the Visitation Kiosk and log in using the same PIN used to place telephone calls.

  • To cancel the visit, press Cancel next to the visit after you have logged into the Portal.

  • Violation of Visitation Rules could result in sanction, Conduct Report, suspension of visitation, and/or loss of visitation with that visitor(s).

**** Please inform your friends and family they are not to call the facility for issues with visitation. **** If your friends and family need visitation assistance, please tell them to go to and click on Visitation Support for instructions or call (888) 646-9437.

Resident Phone System

Upon the completion of the intake process (admission), each resident will be permitted to notify their family of their arrival to West Central by phone.

Telephone privileges begin approximately 15 days from the resident’s admission to West Central.

West Central provides a phone system made available to all residents through ICSolutions.

West Central recommends contacting the toll free number (888) 506-8407 to create an account.

English ICSolutions Brochure

Espanol ICSolutions Brochure

Secured Mail

Secured mail is now available with Keefe Commissary. No more going to the Post Office for stamps. No more going to the store for envelopes and paper. For the same price of a stamp, you can send letters and pictures right from your computer. Go to and click on Secure Mail. You can buy credits or get set up on a plan.

Resident Commissary

All residents are responsible for all expenses they accrue during their residency at West Central. West Central has partnered with Keefe Group to provide affordable hygiene products and snack foods in an effort to help control costs for our residents.

Additionally, the Keefe Commissary system provides a convenience for our residents' families by offering three ways to deposit money onto a resident's account.

  • Deposits for residents at West Central will be made in the lobby of the male facility using the “KIOSK." The kiosk will accept cash, credit or debit card. The kiosk will accept bills of five dollars or more and will not give change.
  • Money can be deposited in a residents' account by logging on to
  • Money can be deposited to a residents' account by calling Cybersuite at 1-866-345-1884

Gross Amount Deposited

Credit/Debit Deposits via Website

Credit/Debit Deposits via phone

Credit/Debit Deposits via KIOSK

Cash Deposits via KIOSK





















West Central Resident Handbooks

Handbooks Subject To Change At Any Time

Male Resident Handbook

Female Resident Handbook